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The Outright Libertarians blog, which I just discovered, points me to an amazingly well produced pro marriage-equality and strikingly libertarian ad campaign put together by MassEquality. The campaign is called “It’s Wrong to Vote on Rights,” and it basically argues for limits on how much democracy should be able to limit individual freedoms. Watch the T.V. ads; they are quite moving.

 UPDATE: Apparently, the ads were for the recent vote on the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. The amendment was voted down in the house, so apparently they were successful!


The New Hampshire legislature has passed bill offering civil unions to same-sex couples (link). They will be the 5th state to have either civil unions or same-sex marriage. It is good to see New Hampshire living up to its motto.

While the government has little business subsidizing or regulating marriage, if the country is committed to that, it should do so without discriminating on irrelevant criteria. Reasonable arguments for subsidizing raising children can be made, although I am very hesitant to take that position, but any such subsidy should done directly, and would have to apply to same-sex couples raising children as well. Marriage itself is a fundamentally social interaction, and government has no business encouraging, discouraging or restricting social interactions.

Posner of the Becker-Posner Blog has an interesting comment on marriage subsidies.