Ahead of a cs class titled “Artificial Intelligence” that I will take in Winter, I’m learning Python. So, I thought, why not write Mines Ahoy in Python? It would require creating a GUI (I’m using the wxPython module for that) and using many of the language’s core features.  I’m going to give it a try. I can see that it will be substantially more complicated that writing Mines Ahoy as a javascript web application, mostly because I won’t be able to leverage the browser to draw the game and listen for events. Hopefully, wxPython will make that part not too much trouble. Perhaps I can implement some additional features as well, like a timer and high scores.

Updates after the break.

Update 8/29/08:

Progress is slow. Gui programming might not be the best way to learn a new language, which I suppose is why in my intro java class they just did everything gui-related for us (i.e. they gave us a DrawingPanel class and we just had to use drawing functions with it). It’s a big hassle. I miss the browser. Actually, things aren’t that bad. Working off of an example, I have the interface about where I want it. The big hurdle is figuring out how to draw. In the wxPython module, this apparently involves using various drawing functions in conjunction with a drawing context. I’ll also need to capture position from mouse click events. The module comes with a bunch of examples, so I should get it worked out sooner or later.