A Seattle-PI article reports:

Since 1996, gas consumption per capita in the state has fallen about 10 percent, down to 7.9 gallons a week in 2006, according to an analysis of government data completed by the Sightline Institute, a Seattle-based think tank. That’s the lowest level since 1968.

And the reason, the data suggests, is that the rising price of gas 

The article also quotes Environmental Economics‘ Tim Haab suggesting higher fuel taxes.

The Sightline Institute‘s report, the annual Cascadia Scorecard, is here. I had not heard of the Signline Institute before, but browsing Sightline’s website reveals they support several good market-based transportation and pollution solutions, congestion pricing, a carbon emissions tax and pay-as-you-drive car insurance. Their blog, The Daily Score, also looks quite promising. As an interested Washingtonian, I’ll be keeping an eye on this think tank.