In the Dallas, TX suburb Farmers Branch, the city council become the first in the nation to pass an ordinance to require renters to prove their legal national status (link). The key phrase from the article:

[City councilman] O’Hare contends the city’s economy and quality of life will improve if illegal immigrants are kept out.

O’Hare means the economy and quality of life of current residents, obviously, not the economy and quality of life of business owners or those immigrants. Farmers Branch residents are trying to use their superior organization to improve their position, in terms of rent and wages, at the expense of business owners and illegal immigrants. By restricting who can live in their area, residents keep housing demand and labor supply in their favor, keeping local rents down and local wages up. Restricting and monitoring immigration might be a national security issue, but small suburbs have no business setting immigration policy, especially no business restricting intra-national immigration.