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Do women recieve less pay than men for the same work because of employer discrimination?

As mentioned in the article, the National Committee on Pay Equity and the American Association of University Women seem to think so. The first cites data showing that women earn less in general, the second data showing that college educated women earn less, too. The article goes to discuss some contrasting views. One reason why famale college grads tend to earn less than their male peers is that women tend to major more frequently in lower paid fields. Another factor is that women’s careers are delayed by their lifestyle decisions, e.g. women more often choose to work less or stop working to spend time with their kids. The author interviewed one researcher who said that for single men and women without children, there is no pay gap.

For a different perspective more favorable to pay gap believers, here is the NYTimes. Regardless of the perspective, it brings up a lot of the same points. It all seems to boil down to women’s choices vs. employer discrimination. Of course, it would be lovely if discrimination were eliminated, but I’m not so sure of legislative solutions, like government-funded day care. Although, perhaps free day care wouldn’t be such a bad idea, for a completely different reason — it would lower the cost of having children and raise the birthrate, taking some of the pressure off of our entitlement programs.

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